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Company Profile

A detailed presentation of the establishment of Karam Company for Trade and Industry

KARAM TRADING, INDUSTRY & CHEMICALS CO. LTD was established in 1995 and since then has been seeking the continuous development of the leading companies in the field of importing primary chemicals, cleaning materials and perfumes. It has a main branch in a location that combines access points for the entire Gaza Strip, which is located on Salah al-Din Street – the junction of the car market – opposite Al-Qassas. The company distributes its products to the entire market of the Gaza Strip from the north to the south, where it distributes primary chemical raw materials, household and commercial cleaning materials, perfumes, paints, paints, paints, inks and presses. One of our most famous brands is Pril – Persil – Vish.

Our vision

Karam Trading & Industry aspirations for the future

To be an integrated company of first class cleaning materials and chemicals in Palestine with international partners and great business with our valued customers.

Our Mission

Karam Trading & Industry for All

We are committed to providing unique value to our customers by providing outstanding products and customer service that meet the needs of our customers in the consumer and industrial markets.

Our Values

The values and ethics of Karam Trading and Industry

  • We make the customer the focus of our attention, and strive to exceed customer expectations in terms of value and service, and build relationships with customers and maintain those relationships.
  • We seek to achieve excellence in performance through the use of modern technologies and performance indicators to achieve better results.
  • We seek to help our clients to get the most efficient and the most return.
  • We are committed to the highest standards of integrity by practicing the highest standards of business conduct. We encourage the spirit of teamwork among employees through mutual trust and respect between company management and business units.
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